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World's First Personal Usb Air Cooler Evapolar Review Urdu/Hindi If the temperature in your office feels more Hot than Siberia, the Evapolar Personal Air Cooler is a good solution that doesn't require you to harass the office manager about lowering the thermostat every day. Evapolar is a compact cube that keeps you comfortable using cooling. It has simple controls and colorful LED lighting, and doubles as a humidifier. Its small size makes it ideal for creating your very own right in the office or elsewhere just don't expect it to replace an actual air conditioner. It’s an evaporative cooler that the coolness comes from evaporating water which is then blown so AC with a small fan. While evaporative coolers are regularly referred to as air-coolers due to their weak performance and struggles with humidity, Evapolar states,The common opinion is that small AC are absolutely inefficient in general and almost useless when humidity is more than. Actually, this is true for all of them except Evapolar. therefore we utilize the most advanced cooling technology taking literally 100% of what laws of physics allows us." We can't test the percentages but it certainly performs better than much-larger and we see coolers that we've used in the past. And you can't place those right by your head easily

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